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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

iPod / iTunes - JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!

Ok - you aren't gonna believe this. This is true. This just happened to me. Read my earlier post first about my inability to burn iTunes cds. This next problem is unfriggenbelievable.

I just dropped $250 on a new iPod Nano. Figured, if I can't burn to my cd player, I ought to at least be able to transfer my Apple iTunes to an Apple iPod, no?

Well, that would be too easy. I loaded the software for the iPod, connected the iPod, watched iTunes' player transfer the iTunes downloads to the iPod, then watched the iPod screen as it time and time again scrolled past all the iTunes downloads and refused to play them!!!


This is the new business model for recorded music? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

Apple won't give me my money back - next stop - Califonia Attorney General's office and the BBS.

The above are all facts - I'm not making this up. I have copies of all the technical support emails back and forth to prove it.

Thinking about buying an iPod or downloading some iTunes??? Here's my advice, based on what has happened to me:


Sunday, March 26, 2006

More on iTunes cd burning problems

Finally, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!, I get an e-mail from iTunes technical support. Guess what - they say I have to purchase Quicktime 7 Pro from the Apple store in order to make it work.

What a bunch of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck does Quicktime have to do with burning music downloads to cds????

Friday, March 24, 2006

iTunes CD Burner Problems

Geez - thought I'd seen it all. I won a gift card for iTunes. Went to their website - looked ok, they said you can easily download songs to your PC AND burn them to your cd.


Everytime I try to burn a CD from iTunes I get a burner failure error (2123). Their downloads are protected and in a format no one else recognizes and/or are allowed to use.

I've spent the past week talking to my PC manufacturer, my cd manufacturer, my cd burning software manufactuer, downloading driver updates, BIOS updates,....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!!!

I've gotten crappy support from iTunes on this matter. My emails to their technical support folks seem to always end up in the hands of their music salepeople.

I think it's just a scam to get folks to buy an iPod. (Which I did by the way, they are kinda cool - bought a black Nano.)

Fortunately, although it appears that one might need an iPod to use iTunes, one doesn't need iTunes to use an iPod.