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Thursday, December 28, 2006

iPod Nano Accessory Disaster - UNFRIGGENBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!

This just happened to me today!!! It is so unfriggenbelievable, I don't know whether to laugh, cry, send pictures to The Letterman show, Leno, and/or Bob & Tom!!! Any of you who have iPods know how ridiculously expensive accessories for them are - like $35 for a velcro armband so you can wear it while jogging?

Well, my kid just got a new Nano for Xmas. So she asks me to buy her a "cover " for it. So, we go to Best Buy, an electronics chain here in Bakersfield. Everything is like $20 - $40. What a rip-off - materials must be worth about $1 and labor another $2. So, anyway, she's my kid. She spies a "Liz Claiborne" wristlet for iPod nano. Black patent leather. $24.99 plus tax!!!!!! Box says it "keeps all ports easily accessible for iPod controls." WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!

We wait in line for 20 minutes to buy it. Thankfully, we thought, we aren't in the "returns" line, which stretches all the way around the store. People have been waiting in that line since October it seems!

Anyway, we get home, get it out of it's box, slip the new Nano in, and my kid goes, "Dad, the hole in the top is on the wrong side!". Sure enough, I look at what we just bought and she's right. All Nano's have a "function lock" switch on the top left side of the Nano. The opening for it on the Liz Claiborne wristlet is on the top right!!!!!! Unbelievable!!! How could a store like Best Buy have such a ridiculously flawed item on their store shelves!!! How can Liz Claiborne, a respected clothing and accessory retailer, have its name on this joke of an item????!!!!!

Gawd, what the hell is the world coming to when something as simple and obvious as designing something so that the hole is in the right place is ignored and people are charged outrageous prices for it?

I'm speechless...