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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I am so ticked off. After I started this blog, I installed some of the software as suggested. Now, I can't definitely prove they were the source or cause, BUT, my pc is now infested with spyware and adware. I'm now running 4-6 different anti-spy, anti-pop-up, anti-adware programs and I still can't get it clean. Everything was ok before I started this blog site.

Now I have to run some regedit changes based on some directions from some geek that I don't even know, changes he doesn't know for sure will even work, to save this brand new pc of mine.

Hey - I don't know wtf I'm doing - I'm not a computer engineer.

This is another thing Geeks do just to tick us off.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ace's new ride. Infiniti G35 Cpe 6MT Posted by Hello

Help Instructions from Geeks that don't help or work.

Dontcha just hate it when you ask for help, and the Geeks tell ya what to do, then after ya do it, whatever it was still doesn't work?

And dontcha hate it when the Geeks all talk this strange language that isn't intuitive, a language that regular folks like us don't understand?

Example - I asked for help to change the color of the NAV bar above. Went to the Blogger help site, followed their directions, picked a different color, saved it, AND ENDED UP WITH THE SAME COLOR!!!!!!!! WTF!?!?!?!?

Geeks do this just to piss us off...

First things first

Hi, I'm Ace. This is my first blog. So what you ask? Good question. I don't have a good answer. Let's just see where this goes.

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