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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Retirement Milestone - April 2007

Well, I retired on April 6, 2006. I just celebrated my 1 yr anniversary. So, how has it been so far?

I thought it waas going to be scarier than it has been. Financially, it's been much more positive than I expected. (My investments in this 1 year have made almost double what I was making in salary, and without me lifting a finger - just sitting on my ass!)

Headhunters have called me - but, I still can't seem to get enthused about showing up for work everyday. One even said I could set my own hours, work only on projects I wanted to work on, AND work from home if I wanted to - but, although tempting, for right now, it just didn't interest me.

Some folks have asked - "Well, I bet you miss the people you worked with?" There are a few of those, but, let me say this about a LOT of other key people there: My life is a helluva lot more pleasant and comfortable these days without a knife sticking out of my back every day!

Enuf said about that. As I said before, quitting was the best decision I ever made. I recommend retirement for everyone - jump at it when you have the opportunity.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Need to Blog More Often

OK - I'm lazy. I retired a year ago - gee, people say you have to keep busy when you do that or you'll go nuts. I haven't and I haven't - go figure.

Anyway, maybe I'll waste some more time in here.

Any ideas what I should talk about?