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Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Dog is OK!!!!!

Just got back from the Vet yesterday, more bloodwork - ALL NORMAL!!!!!!!!!
Of course, I sort of knew that when she ate the gate to my backyard fence - pulled out the screws with her teeth even! But the labwork confirmed it!
She'll still be on steroids though for most of the rest of her life. Looks like it was auto immune anemia and not dogfood poisoning - although I still have my doubts. I tossed all the suspect dog food and will stick to Pedigree from now on - dry and wet food.
Lots of great help and care and concern from my veterinarian and the hospital staff. As well as a very old friend of mine who helped with the diagnosis and calmed my nerves. Haven't seen her in over 20 years - you know who you are. Thanks again - I'm very grateful.